MotoTronica Nachtigall

High Speed Street Bike


The MotoTronica Nachtigall is built purely for speed, and every aspect of the vehicle is meant to contribute to that one goal. The bike’s organic curves and long body are designed to channel air around the frame of the bike and the rider, creating the least possible amount of drag.

This Nachtigall features a custom matte black finish, designed to make the bike nearly invisble at night. It has also been customized with an up-armored chassis and puncture resistant tires.

Top Speed: 312 kph
Combat Maneuverability: 3

Crew: 1
Passengers: 1


Tires Body Crew
3 2 0

Qualities: Assisted (14), Bike, Wheeled


The MotoTronica Nachtigall, or “Nightingale”, is MotoTronica’s answer to the popular TZ Tsurugi street bike. The Nachtigall was originally conceived of as a professional competition bike, but it’s durability and exceptional expert system have made it an easy to master alternative for any skill level.

Like many MotoTronica products, the Nachtigall incorporates advanced robotics into almost every aspect of it’s systems. The primary feature of the bike is an advanced expert system that learns from the rider’s style and provides guided assistance for increased speed and safety. Some riders hate this feature because it takes away some of their control, but others have learned to rely on the bike’s systems until man and machine form a perfect harmony that exceeds eithers’ natural ability.

Unfortunately, a skilled rider that has never ridden a Nachtigall will have a very hard time controlling it, as he will find the bike fighting against him. In addition, the expert system is vulnerable to hacking, and once it’s firewall has been breached a hacker can take control of most of the bike’s major systems.

MotoTronica Nachtigall

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