BourakKhodro X40 "Desert Wind"

Utility Ground Attack Vehicle


The BourakKhodro X40 is a military ground vehicle designed for long range recon. It has a very simple utilitarian design, and can only comfortably seat two, with an additional two passengers wedged into bucket seats behind the cab.

The X40 has a completely open and exposed design, as eliminating weight and giving the passengers a wide field of vision were major design priorities. This X40 features self-healing all-terrain tires, a low visibility navy blue color scheme, and an up-armored engine compartment.

Top Speed: 224 kph
Combat Maneuverability: 2

Crew: 1
Passengers: 3


Tires Body Crew
3 4 2

Qualities: Agile, Exposed, Rugged, Self-Repairing, Wheeled


The X40, also known as the Desert Wind in marketing materials, was developed by Haqqislamite Engineers on Bourak to be used as a light assault and recon vehicle. The X40 saw moderate use during the Neocolonial Wars, primarily by Haqqislamite and PanO forces for desert fighting. After the war it became a favorite of Haqqislamite Terraforming Engineers thanks to its simple yet rugged construction and exceptional fuel economy.

The X40 has a tough and reliable electric engine powered by a large fusion battery. A single full charge of the battery provides enough power for almost 4000 km of travel on roads, or up to 2800 km of harsh off road travel. The battery can be charged by any standard colonial fusion generator or starship reactor.

BourakKhodro X40 "Desert Wind"

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