Aurelia Cardoso

Intrepid Field Reporter and Maya Personality


Aurelia is a classic PanO mutt, with a mixed Portuguese, English, and Australian Aboriginal heritage. Her strange blend of genetics has blessed her with a face perfect for Maya. Her appearance somehow bridges the gap between “exotic” and “natural-beauty”, which has been more than a little helpful in her chosen career.


Aurelia is the host of the international news program “Sphere 360”, and is a hot up-and-coming star of the OXYO Maya network. After working for years as a field reporter on the top-rated news program “Go Go Marlene”, she was given the opportunity to go off on her own. Ever since she has been at the cutting edge of international journalism, reporting from warzones and diplomatic conferences throughout the Human Sphere.

Like her mentor, Marlene, Aurelia prefers to anchor her program from the field. She and her small team of producers go where the action is, while drawing on the talents of other field reporters to fill her show.

Aurelia Cardoso

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